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Contact Us 

INQUIRIES may be addressed to:


Address for correspondence:

UNESCO Institute for Statistics
C.P. 6128 Succursale Centre-ville

Montreal, Quebec, H3C 3J7 Canada

Tel: (1-514) 343-6880
Fax: (1-514) 343-5740
Address for visitors:

UNESCO Institute for Statistics
5255 avenue Decelles, 7th floor
Montreal, Quebec, H3T 2B1 Canada
Tel: (1-514) 343-6880
Fax: (1-514) 343-5740


Getting to the UIS: directions for visitors 


Office of the Director: 


MONTOYA, Silvia Ms, Director

OVSYANNIKOVA, Olga Ms, Executive Assistant to the Director

Data Outreach, Advocacy and Publishing Unit:
OTCHET, Amy Ms, Head of Unit
FROSTELL, Katja Ms, Assistant Publications Officer
MORROW, Jennifer Ms, Assistant Programme Specialist
LABBÉ, Tina Ms, Library and Archive Assistant

Administration, Finance and Human Resources Section:
LIBERMAN, Daniel Mr, Senior Administrative Officer
MORIN, Katherine Ms, Senior Administrative  Assistant 
ILLIDGE, Sandra Ms, Senior Finance Assistant
BEAUDIN, Rachelle Ms, Senior Human Resources Assistant

FRANCISCO, Léandre Mr, Senior Finance and Budget Assistant
KING, Simone Ms, Travel Assistant

PEDRO, Sandra Ms, Senior Finance Assistant
MOUSSA, Nelly Ms, Procurement and Budget Assistant

YAKAP, Karine Ms, Finance Assistant
LI, Catherine Miao Ms, Junior Finance Assistant

NEHME, Sawsan Ms, Human Resources Assistant

PRATTE, Catherine Ms, Administrative and Human Resources Assistant
CONTE, Luciana Ms, Receptionist


Education Indicators and Data Analysis Section:
MOTIVANS, Albert Mr, Head of Section
JEBRAYEL-MARIAMO, Rosa Ms, Programme Assistant

Regional Unit I:

OULD A. VOFFAL, Saïd Mr, Programme Specialist
LEGAULT, Elise Ms, Programme Specialist
MONTJOURIDES, Patrick Mr, Programme Specialist
CHIEN, Chiao-Ling Ms, Assistant Programme Specialist
GAGNON, Amélie Ms, Assistant Programme Specialist

TRAN, Hélène Ms, Senior Statistical Assistant
SOUSHKO-BORTSOV, Konstantin Mr, Statistical Assistant
JERBI, Imededdine Mr, Statistical Assistant


Regional Unit II:
KENNEDY, Alison Ms, Programme Specialist
RATOVONDRAHONA, Pascale Ms, Assistant Programme Specialist
EL HOURANI, Talal Mr, Assistant Programme Specialist
LABÉ, Olivier Mr, Assistant Programme Specialist

DJAFRI, Ghania Ms, Statistical Assistant
EJOV, Daniel Mr, Statistical Assistant
WENG, Wendy Xiaodan Ms, Statistical Assistant

Methodology Unit:
HUEBLER, Friedrich Mr, Programme Specialist
BELL, Sheena Ms, Assistant Programme Specialist
PACIFICO, John Mr, Assistant Programme Specialist
LU, Weixin Ms, Senior Statistical Assistant

SEMENTCHOUK, Ioulia Ms, Senior Statistical Assistant
LI, Yonghe Ms, Research Assistant


Science, Culture, and Communication Section :

SOMOGYI, Sophia Ms, Protocol and Programme Assistant


Culture Unit:
PESSOA, José Mr, Programme Specialist
DELOUMEAUX, Lydia Ms, Assistant Programme Specialist
BIRON, Dominic Mr,Statistical Assistant
BARBOSA, Lisa Ms,Statistical Assistant


Communication and Information Unit:
BOADE, Georges Mr, Assistant Programme Specialist

WALLET, Peter Mr, Assistant Programme Specialist
VALDEZ-MELGAR, Beatriz Ms, Statistical Assistant


Science, Technology and Innovation Unit:
SCHAAPER, Martin Mr, Programme Specialist
PATHIRAGE, Rohan Mr, Assistant Programme Specialist
MARINS, Luciana Ms, Assistant Programme Specialist
SALMI, Zahia Ms, Senior Statistical Assistant

KERIM-DIKENI, Sirina Ms, Statistical Assistant
HAJJAR, Oula Ms, Statistical Assistant


Learning Outcomes Section:
TAY-LIM, Brenda Ms, Programme Specialist
GIRARDI, Lucia Ms, Senior Programme Assistant
PRINCE, Maya Ms, Assistant Programme Specialist
RAKOTONARIVO, Andonirina  Ms, Research Assistant

Statistical Services and Technology Section:
BUFFETT, Brian Mr, Head of Section
EL RHARBI, Zoubida Ms, Programme Assistant
BARTON, Andrew Mr, Assistant Programme Specialist, Data Center
HEARNE, Edward Mr, Network System Administrator
COLOCYTHAS, Ioannis Mr, I.T. Support Technician

Statistical Information Systems Unit:
FALVO, Mark Mr, IT Specialist
MIELE, Adriano Mr, IT Officer
BOUFFARD, Marc Mr, Assistant Programme Specialist, Data Architect

PESTINA. Simona Ms, Assistant Programme specialist, Senior Developer
ABBAS, Duraid Mr, Software Developer
LEI, Weichen Mr, Software Developer
TALMAN, Andrey Mr, Software Developer
SOUMAH, Naby Mr, Software Developer

Data Processing and Standards Unit:
SINGH, Anuja Ms, Programme Specialist
CAPELLI MIGUEL, Maria Helena Ms, Assistant Programme Specialist

AMOUSSOU-GUÉNOU, Wilfried Mr, Statistical Assistant
CASTELLANO TOLMOS, Hugo Mr, Senior Statistical Assistant
HO, Tin Nam Ms, Senior Statistical Assistant 
IMHOF, Adolfo Gustavo Mr, Senior Statistical Assistant
SELMANE, Ibrahim Mr, Statistical Assistant
FAHMY, Omney Ms, Statstical Assistant
GIRLOVAN, Nadejda Ms, Statistical Assistant
SANTILLAN CARPIO, Nestor Mr, Statistical Assistant
KTAILI, Lina Ms, Statistical Assistant



Field Staff:


Arab States

ISMAIL, Youssef Mr, Cluster Advisor, Doha


Asia and the Pacific

TCHATCHOUA, Bertrand Mr, Regional Advisor a.i., Bangkok
SIGDEL, Shailendra Mr, Cluster Advisor, New Delhi
ACOCA, Aurélie Ms, Assistant Programme Specialist, Bangkok
OSBORNE, Michelle Ms, Associate Expert, Apia
BAJRACHARYA, Roshan Mr, Programme Assistant, Bangkok

SAHAWIBOONSUK, Pirawaz Mr, Project Assistant, Bangkok
LEE, Sun Min Ms, Project Assistant, Bangkok



BERNAL, Marc Mr , Regional Advisor, sub-Saharan Africa, Dakar

DJIBO-ABDOU, Yacouba Mr, Cluster Advisor, Dakar

GITHAIGA, Monica Ms, Cluster Advisor, Harare

KI, Jean Bosco Mr, Cluster Advisor, Yaounde
SMUGA, Melanie Ms, Assistant Programme Specialist, Dakar
FALL, Ndeye Yacine Ms, Programme Specialist, Dakar
SAMB, Khadidiatou Ms, Administrative Assistant, Dakar
Latin America and the Caribbean
PERUSIA, Juan Cruz Mr, Regional Advisor, Latin America and the Caribbean, Santiago

VERA MOHORADE Alejandro Mr,  Assistant Programme Specialist, Santiago


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