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Science, technology and innovation
Une perspective mondiale dans le domaine des sciences, des technologies et de l'innovation
Monitoring Research and Development (R&D)
Mesurer la Recherche et le Développement
Tracking the Careers of Doctorate Holders
Suivi des carrières des titulaires de Doctorats
Measuring Innovation
Mesures de l'Innovation
New data collection on innovation
Nouvelle collecte de données sur l'Innovation
New data on experimental development
Nouvelles données sur le développement expérimental
Women and Science
Les femmes et la science
Launch of the 2012 Survey on Research and Experimental Development
Lancement de l’enquête 2012 sur la recherche et le développement expérimental
Results from a Pilot Survey of Innovation Statistics
Les résultats de l'enquête pilote sur l’innovation
Results of the 2012 R&D Survey
Résultats de l'Enquête 2012 sur la R-D
Women in Science
Femmes et la science
Conducting R&D Surveys
Research and development
recherche et développement
Innovation Data Release
La conduite des enquêtes sur la R-D
Innovation Survey Results
STI in the post-2015 development agenda
Survey on Innovation Statistics
Enquête biennale sur les statistiques de l’innovation
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A global perspective on science, technology and innovation (STI) 


The UIS collects R&D data from more than 200 countries and territories through its biennial research and experimental development survey and partnerships with other statistical organizations, such as Eurostat, Red Iberoamericana de Indicadores de Ciencia y Tecnología (RICYT) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


The UIS is also engaged in the dissemination of innovation statistics. The growing number of countries carrying out national innovation surveys, as well as the diversity of subjects covered can be accessed in the UIS Catalogue of Innovation Surveys. Moreover, the Institute has recently established an innovation data collection, which is conducted on a biennial basis, in alternation with the R&D survey.


Overall, the aim is to build a comprehensive global database that covers a range of internationally comparable STI indicators, such as R&D expenditure, R&D personnel, gender disparities in diverse fields of science, and the share of innovative firms per country. The data provide a global perspective that is relevant to policymakers on the state of the science and research infrastructure, as well as of the development of innovations in the business sector.
To achieve this goal, the Institute works closely with national statisticians to improve data quality at the national and international levels. By explaining how statistics are collected and used in their countries, these statisticians provide the UIS with guidance on constructing methodologies and survey designs.
This input is essential as many of the standard instruments used in STI surveys were designed for the world’s most industrialized nations. With the aid of national partners, the UIS is adapting these instruments to better reflect the structures of developing countries and expand the pool of data.

 What's New?

The UIS launches biennial Survey on Innovation Statistics
The 2015 questionnaire collects the most recent statistics on innovation within the manufacturing industry from 162 countries.
Report on the first UIS innovation data collection
The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) has released a new report presenting the main results of the first global innovation data collection.
Updated R&D statistics now available
The most recent R&D statistics are now available in the UIS Data Centre, including data and indicators for 156 countries and territories. Key indicators include the human and financial resources devoted to R&D.
Conducting R&D surveys in developing countries
This guide provides information and model questionnaires for countries in the early stages of developing a survey to collect data on R&D.
How we measure innovation

The UIS is carrying out a new data collection on innovation statistics, the results of which will be released in mid-2014. Martin Schaaper, our expert on STI statistics, describes the steps required to produce these statistics by countries at all stages of development.


 The UIS and STI

Monitoring R&D

Adapting survey instruments and methodologies to better reflect the needs and contexts of developing countries.

Measuring Innovation
Developing new indicators and instruments to measure innovation in developing countries.
Tracking Doctorate Holders
A toolkit to track the careers of highly skilled individuals in countries at all stages of development.
Women and Science
The UIS collects gender-disaggregated statistics on Research and Experimental Development (R&D) by sector, area of research and level of education.
Training & Expert Meetings

Consult the reports from UIS training workshops and expert meetings.

 STI Resources

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