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Fact Sheets 


The fact sheets present the latest available UIS data on key policy issues in order to identify trends at the global and regional levels.


Please feel free to circulate or use these documents for conferences, academic presentations, media reports or other purposes. 


For more detailed statistical information, please consult the Data Centre.


Human resources in R&D (2012)
Adult and Youth Literacy (2013)
Adult and Youth Literacy: National, regional and Global trends,1985-2015 (2013)
Emerging markets and the digitalization of the film industry: An analysis of the 2012 UIS International Survey of Feature Film Statistics (2013)
Assesing Education Data Quality in the Southern African Development Community (2014)
A Teacher for Every Child: Projecting Global Teacher Needs from 2015-2030 (2013)
Feature Film Diversity (2013)
From international blockbusters to national hits: Analysis of the 2010 survey of feature film statistics (2012)
Linguistic diversity of feature films (2012)
The Global Demand for Primary Teachers (2012)
Global investments in R&D (2012)
Gender parity in primary and secondary education (2010)
Universal primary education (2012)
Analysis of the 2007 UIS International Survey on Feature Film Statistics (2009)
Schooling for millions of children jeopardised by reductions in aid (2013)
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