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Launch of 2013 Education Survey 


The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) has launched its annual survey on education to more than 150 UNESCO Member States and territories. The 2013 survey collects data for the school year and financial year ending in 2012.


Interested readers can consult the questionnaires, which cover pre-primary, primary, secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education; education finance and expenditure; tertiary education, as well as a new questionnaire on instructional time.


The new questionnaire collects information on national policies for annual intended instructional time at each grade in pre-primary, primary and general secondary education. It includes items on the number of days and hours that students are meant to be learning and the allocation of instructional time by subject matter according to current curricular standards.


The questionnaire has been developed in collaboration with the UNESCO International Bureau of Education and will provide cross-nationally comparable data to inform debates on educational quality, such as instructional time and learning outcomes.


The deadline for submitting data is 29 April 2013. Country-level data and indicators from the survey will be released in October 2013 via the UIS Data Centre. Regional and global results for the school year ending in 2012 will be released in May 2013.


The data collected from this survey will be published in a range of international publications, such as the EFA Global Monitoring Report, the UNDP Human Development Report, the World Bank World Development Report and UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children, as well as the UIS Global Education Digest.



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Last update: 11/2/2013

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